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Digital Generalists’ Views on Privacy for Spiral

We Value Your Privacy

At Digital Generalists, we want to provide solutions that make your life easier. That is our primary goal and focus of our business. At Digital Generalists, our users and the products we provide to them come first. Our goal is to build great products, not to sell information about our users.

We greatly appreciate the users of our products and services. We recognize that as a user of our products, you are putting trust in us to make good choices. Valuing your privacy and being good stewards of any data collected is part of respecting that trust.

The goal of Spiral’s statistics reporting feature is motivated entirely by our desire to have insight into what we are doing right and what we could do better. Additionally, statistics reporting is the most reliable way for Digital Generalists to be aware of errors and crashes that may occur while using the application. We have the best chance of fixing a problem with the application if we receive information on the cause of the error.

Participating in the Statistics Collection Program

Spiral will ask for your consent before any statistics are reported by the application.  Digital Generalists does not collect any information from users under the age of 13.  If you are under 13 years of age, you must select “Decline” when asked if you want to participate in the statistics collection program.

When you first install Spiral, the application will ask for your consent to participate in the statistics reporting program. If you select “Accept”, Spiral will check the value of the “Report Statistics” setting to determine if statistics should be reported. If you select “Decline”, Spiral will not track or transmit any statistics about your use of the application regardless of the setting of the “Report Statistics” setting on the consent form at the time the “Decline” button is pressed.

Spiral Statistic Collection Prompt

Participation is completely voluntary. Even if you initially state your willingness to report statistics, you can elect to stop participating at any time via Spiral’s settings (located in the iPhone’s Settings application, listed under Spiral).

Spiral Privacy Settings

If you change your mind and later decline to participate in the program by turning off the “Allow Statistics Reporting” setting, previously reported statistics are not removed from Digital Generalists’ data stores or from data stores managed by third-party affiliates of Digital Generalists. If you turn this setting to “On”, Spiral will begin tracking and transmitting statistics the next time the application is opened regardless of the setting you chose when the application was installed. By using Spiral, you agree to ensuring that the “Allow Statistics Reporting” setting is configured to match your desire to allow data collection or not allow data collection from the application.

We will never, under any circumstances, intentionally or knowingly change the value of the “Allow Statistics Reporting” setting unless you explicitly change it.

All data collected by Spiral is anonymous. Any data reported as part of the statistics collection program cannot, and will not, be used to identify you specifically. We are not interested in what you are writing in your notepad. Therefore, we will not transmit the content of a drawing or any data you enter into the application as part of the statistics reporting program.

What is Collected and How

Additionally, we want to be transparent about what data may be reported by the program. We want you to have full knowledge of what information is reported so that you can make an informed decision about whether to participate or not. A listing of the data reported as part of the statistics reporting program can be found here:

Statistics Reported by Spiral

The statistics reporting program specifically refers to the collection of analytics data about how you use the Spiral application. If you navigate to web pages via links in the application, those web pages may set cookies or HTML5 local storage for your visit to the web page. Our policy regarding cookies and HTML5 local storage are outlined in the formal privacy policy.

Lastly, the formal Privacy Policy for Spiral can be found here:

Privacy Policy

The formal privacy policy defines and governs Spiral’s statistics collection program. If any discrepancy exists between this page and the Privacy Policy, the Privacy Policy will take precedence regarding the rules and policies of Spiral’s statistics reporting program. If you note a discrepancy between the two, please let us know and we will resolve the discrepancy.

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