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Introducing SpiralKit


After several very successful releases of our iPhone handwriting-based notepad application, Spiral by Digital Generalists, we have decided to release the drawing engine for Spiral as an open source framework.

What Is SpiralKit

SpiralKit is a Quartz 2D-based drawing framework for iOS written in Objective-C. The framework enables ‘drawing’ on a UIView in iOS and ships with pen, highlighter, and eraser drawing effects.

The framework is built specifically to enable new effects, color spaces, and drawing algorithms in a modular fashion. If you want to provide a unique drawing effect, support of the CMYK color space, or a custom drawing algorithm, you can add such features to SpiralKit without having to modify the fundamental components of the framework.

Where to Find It

The project is hosted on GitHub at

Reference Implementation Usage

More Information

See the framework documentation for all information on using SpiralKit in your application.

Introducing SpiralKit

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