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Spiral 1.0.1 Now Available

We’re happy to announce a minor update to Spiral that is now available on the App Store.

We released Spiral just a little less than a month ago. Over that time, we’ve gotten some very good feedback about the application.

Overall, our users have been very happy with Spiral. They like the functionality and the application has been extremely stable. We have received some good constructive suggestions on how some things could work differently, and we’re looking at incorporating that feedback into future versions of the product. So if you’d like to see a feature in Spiral, let us know!

There have been a few defects reported. Unfortunately, no software is ever defect free (no matter how hard we try). Given that Spiral was a “1.0” product, we have been really happy with the very low number of defects reported. When we tallied everything up, we could count the number of issues on one hand.

The latest version of Spiral addresses all of these issues, so if you’ve encountered an error with the previous version, give the update a try. Additionally, we’ve verified that Spiral will work well on iOS 7.1.

Spiral 1.0.1 Now Available
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