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Introducing SpiralKit

After several very successful releases of our iPhone handwriting-based notepad application, Spiral by Digital Generalists, we have decided to release the drawing engine for Spiral as an open source framework. What Is SpiralKit SpiralKit is a Quartz 2D-based drawing framework for iOS written in Objective-C. The framework enables ‘drawing’ on a UIView in iOS and […]

Spiral 1.0.1 Now Available

We’re happy to announce a minor update to Spiral that is now available on the App Store. We released Spiral just a little less than a month ago. Over that time, we’ve gotten some very good feedback about the application. Overall, our users have been very happy with Spiral. They like the functionality and the […]

Introducing Spiral

Digital Generalists is excited to announce the release of: Spiral by Digital Generalists Spiral is the perfect application for lovers of pocket-sized paper notepads who want to take quick notes, draw, sketch, doodle, and more! All these things can be done by simply “drawing” on the application with your finger or a stylus. Spiral uses […]

Children’s Medical Center WordPress Website

Digital Generalists worked with Children’s Medical Center’s to redevelop their website. The new site, developed using WordPress, focuses on a crucial part of the relationship between a pediatrician and the patient’s family: communication. Robust online resources are available to provide up-to-date, reviewed medical information 24/7 on any digital device.

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