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Hilltop House Sign Design

Digital Generalists designed the building sign at Hilltop House

Digital Generalists was proud to participate in Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska‘s project to create a day camp for girls in Lincoln, Nebraska. The completed project represents the joint work of two non-profits: Hilltop Foundation and the Girl Scouts.  We worked with the council to design outdoor signs throughout the camp that incorporate identity elements from both organizations brands: the familiar trefoil from the Girl Scouts and the arching hill from Hilltop Foundation.

The first of these signs was unveiled to the public at Hilltop House’s opening ceremonies today. The bronze plaque is affixed to a fossilized boulder and is intended to stand for generations. This is quite a compliment to Digital Generalists’ design!  Additional signs will be used to mark trees in the camp’s arboretum, denote named trails, and mark discovery zones.

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Congratulations Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska! Let’s have s’mores to celebrate.

Hilltop House Sign Design
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