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Children’s Medical Center WordPress Website

Digital Generalists redeveloped Children's Medical Center's website.

Digital Generalists launched Children’s Medical Center’s redeveloped website today.  The new site, developed using WordPress, focuses on a crucial part of the relationship between a pediatrician and the patient’s family: communication.  Robust online resources are available to provide up-to-date, reviewed medical information 24/7 on any digital device.

View the site:

Prior to this project, Children’s Medical Center had an outdated website that its staff was unable to update without assistance from a third-party vendor. Digital Generalists worked with the pediatric practice to leverage WordPress and put the power back in the practice’s hands.  Patients and their families benefit from receiving current, timely information in a fresh new design.

Project Goals

    • Focus on providing robust content for patient families
    • Migrate website infrastructure and capabilities to WordPress
    • Enable web tracking analytics
    • Add downloadable forms that users can type in before printing
    • Create initial social media presence


The new website creates business efficiencies for Children’s Medical Center (CMC).  Because trustworthy medical information is now available on their pediatrician’s website, CMC patient families make fewer non-urgent calls to the practice’s phone line.  And with the use of online, fillable forms, patient families are showing up to appointments prepared. When less time is spent completing and reading paperwork in the pediatrician’s office, everyone benefits.

Another substantive efficiency for the practice is the ability to make autonomous website updates without waiting for (or paying) a third-party vendor.  Digital Generalists worked with CMC’s staff throughout the project to ensure that they received adequate training and resources.

Finally, because the practice chose to use a phased project approach, the new site was ready to release before its separate branding efforts were completed.  This provides CMC the opportunity to learn how its new content is being used through analytics and anecdotal feedback and apply this knowledge when selecting an eventual, more graphically complex, site design.

Congratulations on launching your new website, Children’s Medical Center!

Children’s Medical Center WordPress Website
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